A Quote by Donald Rumsfeld, my Dad on encouragement, inspiration, courage, wisdom, and education

We are living in a period of tumult and change. We face new threats that will require more than new technologies. To defend freedom in the 21st century, you will have to bring innovation, flexibility, and agility to your posts.

Don't be afraid to think for yourself - to take risks, and try new things. You may meet resistance along the way - expect opposition - but don't be dissuaded. Progress in life has come generally from those who swim upstream.

Whatever new threats and challenges may emerge, our nation will be able to face them squarely, deal with them, and yet allow our people to continue to live free and unafraid. The decisions you make, the courage and creativity you bring to your responsibilities, will determine America's future. Liberty and our way of life are fragile gifts - their care is in your hands. We thank you for stepping forward to shoulder that immense responsibility. Your country is grateful, and proud of each of you.

Donald Rumsfeld

Source: My Dad, Donald Rumsfeld, former Secretary of State

Contributed by: Cheryl