A Quote by Dean Radin on phenomenon, psi, and paranormal

“After a century of increasingly sophisticated investigations and more than a thousand controlled studies with combined odds against chance of 10 to the 104th power to 1, there is now strong evidence that psi phenomena exist.  While this is an impressive statistic, all it means is that the outcomes of these experiments are definitely not due to coincidence.  We’ve considered other common explanations like selective reporting and variations in experimental quality, and while those factors do moderate the overall results, there can be no little doubt that overall something interesting is going on.  It seems increasingly likely that as physics continues to redefine our understanding of the fabric of reality, a theoretical outlook for a rational explanation for psi will eventually be established.”

Dean Radin

Source: Entangled Minds: Extrasensory Experiences in a Quantum Reality, Pages: 275

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