A Quote by David Bohm

Another aspect of the whole truth must be the perception that there is no fundamental difference of "inner" and "outer."  One must see that human feelings, aches, desires, ambitions, fears, etc., are no more important in a fundamental sense than are those of other people, and that all of these "inner" workings are just "going on" in the same way that it rains and the sun shines.  This is also very hard, but if one doesn't see it, then one is confused, and can only perceive truth in its fragmentary form, and not as a totality.

I have tried working at the latter problem, and after some work, I occasionally got a "glimpse" in which one felt that reality is in a different dimension (as two veiw of an object in a stereoscope fuse on to three dimensions).  In this new set of dimensions, one saw that the inner and the outer are basically one.  However, this glimpse lasted for only a moment.  I think that I saw why it didn't last.  In this state of unity of "inner" and "outer," the new truth starts to operate.  But this operation implies a totally different kind of action---an "openness" that is at variance with all the norms of common life.  It also makes one very vulnerable, as nothing can be kept for oneself or concealed.  To continue in such a state would require a kind of love that does not exist in me, and that probably exists in very few people.  So fundamentally, our understanding is limited by the absence of love.  This is what I indicated in an earlier letter.  Understanding without love is impossible, as is also love without understanding.

David Bohm

Source: Bohm-Biederman Correspondence

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