A Quote by David Bohm on mind, question, assumption, pattern, and thought

Bohm: Your questions contain hidden assumptions; that's the point.  Therefore, when you question the question itself, you may be questioning a deeper assumption.  But that's done non-verbally.  Do you see what I mean?  To question the question eventually has to be a non-verbal act, which you can't describe.
Q: And that may break all the patterns?
Bohm: Yes, somehow it breaks the pattern.  Now, the suggestion is that this pattern of the system is not something with which we are stuck.  It may not be absolutely inevitable; there are signs that it could break.
Q: What do you mean when you say that questioning the question has to be non-verbal?
Bohm: If I say I have a question which may contain assumptions that should be questioned, I could question them verbally.  But what would lead me to question my question?  Eventually I can put it into words; but I'm saying the first step, the first flash of insight, is non-verbal.

David Bohm

Source: Thought as a System, Pages: 29..30

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