A Quote by Big D on the world as god would want it

I believe in God and I believe that one day the world will be a better and safer place to live and grow up in. If all the continents of the earth can unite with America, then they can have as much as we have: better hospitals, better schools, better homes, better food, better water, better medication, better education, better transportation, better clothing, and better oppurtunities as we have. Together we can stop global warming, end world hunger, build better homes, schools & hospitals, end pollution, end communism, and create stronger finances. If there was such a day for world peace, then it should be now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! So I would suggest that all the countries of the world unite as one, and the world would be just as I have described it. Every single country would have as much as America has. We could even eliminate all the evil dictators of the world together. God himself would have wanted his children to unite and mulitiply together and create a world without hate, racism, violence, riots, and evil. Maybe we can do it.


Source: So it shall be written so it shall be done.

Contributed by: Big D