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The truth is that we have all come from love, but our relationships have often been a detour from love… Love is the river, each human being a droplet of water, and together, in spite of our fears and resistance, we are returning to love, melting and flowing toward home. We’re all looking for more love. It’s that simple. In the end, nothing else really matters to us. In the beginning and in the middle, we’re connected with the forms of our relationships, what they look like, what our parents think of them, how they stack up in the eyes of the world, and whether we’re getting our share of the goodies: sexually, emotionally, and financially.

But in the end, we won’t care about the forms. The forms will be as multitudinous as the stars and all that will matter is the love that was in them. No one can escape the divine upheaval of love. I haven’t; you won’t; our neighbors and strangers and family won’t either. Love is coming to find us. All of us. Because love is our essence. Love is who we are.

~ Daphne Rose Kingma, "The Future of Love" ~

Daphne Rose Kingma

Source: The Future of Love

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