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Oh say can you see

"Goodbye mother goodbye Catherine goodbye Elizabeth."

What so proudly we hailed

"You in my arms Kareen forever."

Whose broud stripes and bright stars

Goodbye everybody goodbye. Goodbye my son father brother lover husband goodbye. Goodbye goodbye my mother father brother sister sweetheart wife goodbye and goodbye.

O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.

"Goodbye Joe."

"Goodbye Kareen."

"Joe dear darling Joe hold me closer. Drop your bag and put both of your arms around me and hold me tightly. Put both of your arms around me. Both of them."

You in both of my arms Kareen goodbye. Both of my arms. Kareen in my arms. Both of them. Arms arms arms arms. I'm fainting in and out all the time Kareen and I'm not catching on quick. You are in my arms Kareen. You in both of my arms. Both of my arms. Both of them. Both

I haven't got any arms Kareen.

My arms are gone.

Both of my arms are gone Kareen both of them.

They're gone.

Kareen Kareen Kareen.

They've cut my arms off both of my arms.

Oh Jesus mother god Kareen they've cut off both of them.

Oh Jesus mother god Kareen Karee Kareen

my arms.

Dalton Trumbo

Source: Johnny Got His Gun, Pages: 53..54

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