A Quote by Dale Sanders

One way to experience true freedom from all attachments is to rid ones' self of virtually all earthly possessions and agendas. If this is your true calling, and you choose to live it out, you will soar with the eagles. To want for anything will steal the wind from beneath your wings, and you will surely fall. When you are utterly free of desire, you experience nirvana, for the very moment you no longer want for anything, you suddenly real-ize, not only that you have everything, but that you are everything. Everyone is everything. Possession is merely an illusion that is made real, only by the egoic, unconscious self. It requires that you be separate from that which you possess, or wish to possess, which is impossible, for you can never be separated from that which you are. To put it simply, "If you want to have everything, want nothing." The more you are willing to let go of, the higher you will be able to fly. "Let go all, and you are boundless".

Dale Sanders

Contributed by: Dale Sanders