A Quote by Clare Cooper Marcus


Whatever you are doing - chopping carrots, raking leaves, sweeping the floor - be present in the moment, fully aware of what you are doing. Here is what Vietnamese Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh has to say about washing dishes:

'To my mind, the idea that doing dishes is unpleasant can occur only when you aren't doing them. Once you are standing in front of the sink with your sleeves rolled up and your hands in the warm water, it is really quite pleasant. I enjoy taking my time with each dish, being fully aware of the dish, the water, and each movement of my hands...The dishes themselves and the fact that I am here washing them are miracles!...I must confess it takes me a bit longer to do the dishes, but I live fully in every moment and I am happy. Washing the dishes is at the same time a means and an end - that is, not only do we do the dishes in order to have clean dishes, we also do the dishes just to do the dishes, to live fully in each moment while washing them.'

Clare Marcus

Source: House as Mirror of Self

Contributed by: Interiors For Healing