Carl Gustav Jung

A Quote by CG Jung on sovereign state, religion, and irrational facts

"In order to free the fiction of the sovereign State--in other words, the whims of the chieftains who manipulate it--from every wholesome restriction, all socio-political movements tending in this direction invariably try to cut the ground from under religion. For, in order to turn and individual into a function of the State, his dependence on anything else must be taken from him. Religion means dependence on and submission to the irrational facts of experience. These do not refer directly to social and physical conditions; they concern far more the individual's psychic attitude. But it is possible to have an attitude to the external conditions of life only when there is a point of reference outside them. Religion gives, or claims to give, such a standpoint, thereby enabling the individual to exercise his judgement and his power of decision. It builds up reserve, as it were, against the obvious and inevitable force of circumstances to which everyone is exposed who lives only in the outer world and has no other ground under his feet except the pavement. If statistical reality is the only one, then that is the sole authority. There is then only one condition, and since no contrary condition exists, judgement and decision are not only superfluous but impossible. Then the individual is bound to be a function of statistics and hence a function of the State or whatever the abstract principle of order may be called."

Carl Gustav Jung

Source: Civilization in Transition ((The Collected Works of Carl G. Jung Volume 10)), Pages: Paragraphs 505-506

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