A Quote by OSHO on fear, love, polarities, flow, acceptance, core fear, healing, and love and fear

With the new is fear because one never knows whether one will be able to do it. One is doing always for the first time, so one is always shaky, uncertain about whether one is going to make it or not. But in that very thrill, in that adventure is life... aliveness, let us say, rather than life, because life has also become a dull and dead word... aliveness, the flow.
  So it is a good indication that you understand what you are getting into. It is love, it is life; it is danger... it is death too. The master has to be all: life and death, day and night, summer and winter, all... Lovely and ferocious, delicate as a flower and hard like a rock. These polarities have to meet in the master because only between these polarities will the disciple grow.
  But there is no way of going back. If there were only fear and no love, I would have told you to go back, because then there is unnecessary trouble; why take the risk? But if love is there then there is no going back. Love knows no going back. It moves ahead; in spite of all difficulties it moves ahead. It is never repentant. And whatsoever happens is good because love is good. Fear will lurk only on the boundaries. Deep in the heart will be love; just on the periphery fear will lurk. If I see fear in somebody's very core then I help him to go, because he will be unnecessarily living in torture. It will be a kind of masochism for him to be here.
  I am here to help you towards transformation: I am not here just to become a torture to you; torture is not a value. But I am not saying that in transformation there is no pain. Pain in itself is of no value, but when pain serves transformation it has great value. So at the core of your heart is love; just on the periphery is a lurking fear. That is very natural; accept that too.       Osho, "Believing the Impossible before Breakfast"