Barbara Sher

A Quote by Barbara Sher on self-esteem, relationships, self worth, and confidence

"Human beings are not comparable. You can't compare us any more than you can compare roses and oranges, or mountains and the sea. You might prefer living by the sea to living in the mountains. You certainly like some people better than you like others. Preferences are perfectly valid…they're just your style asserting itself again. But you'd feel pretty silly saying 'The sea is better than the mountains.' It's every bit as silly to go around saying 'I'm better than Mary, but Joe is better than me.'"

Barbara Sher

Source: Wishcraft: How to Get What You Really Want

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A Quote by Barbara Sher on beginning, discovery, and action

The first step is to find out what you love-- and don't be practical about it. The second is to start doing what you love immediately, in any small way possible.

Barbara Sher

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A Quote by Barbara Sher on obstacles

Imaginary obstacles are insurmountable. Real ones aren't.

Barbara Sher

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