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"Only Man has the power to forgive sin, discord and in-harmony, which cause sickness. It is not God who forgives. God has nothing to do with Man's sin, sickness and in-harmony. These are the result of Man misunderstanding of his real being. Jesus taught that the truth shall make you free; this truth being that all are joint heirs, with Christ, to be equal participants in all the blessings of the God kingdom; joint heir ship, meaning, the same possibility of the same power, strength and understanding that Jesus has. I'm quite sure none of us feels that he is on the same plane of enlightenment as the great master. Yet all of us realize the truth of Jesus' promise that with divine understanding, Man is set free!
The moment Men became free from the belief that they are mere human beings, and subject to human laws of life and death, and all other limitation; that moment they will know they are divine, free from all limitations and possessed with the strength of divinity. This divinity is not something to be injected from without, but is the very life of each and every Man; the ever flowing stream of the loving thoughts that poor from God to all his children. You will soon find that by fixing your thoughts and attention steadfastly on God within, you can raise the vibrations of your body to blend so harmoniously with divine perfection, that you are thus one with God, and usher in the only real kingdom; the kingdom of Heaven on Earth!"

Baird Spalding

Source: Life and Teaching of the Masters of the Far East (6 Vol. Set)

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