A Quote by B.

Time is precious... but truth is even more precious than time

A person who lives in the light of truth (*Love*) is precious

indeed! Our lives are precious. May our understanding

of love and our love for one another. . . continue to grow

Life is what we make of it, all we really have is today.

What shall tomorrow bring?


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A Quote by B. on often wished life in transition

I've always maintained that, "Life is a gift... everyday is precious...and we must cherish

each moment we have together...as much as we can." Because tomorrow never knows.

So, everyone at some point in their life must suffer the loss of a loved one.

And there is a longing to hold on to the memories... of how someone

once touched your life in such a deep and meaningful way.

After someone dies we often wish that we could've told them we loved them more.

But, we can be just as thankful for having that person at all. And we can honor, treasure,

and keep them alive in our hearts. . . when we remember them.


Contributed by: nipitinthebud

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