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Husband and Wife Whatever I said and whatever you said, I love you. The word and the moment forever have fled; I love you. The breezes may ruffle the stream in its flow, But tranquil and clear are the waters below; And under all tumult you feel and you know I love you. Whatever you did and whatever I did, I love you. Whatever is open, whatever is hid, I love you. The strength of the oak makes the tempest a mock, The anchor holds firm in the hurricane's shock; Our love is the anchor, the oak and the rock. I love you. Whatever I thought and whatever you thought, I love you. The mood and the passion that made it are naught; I love you. For words, thoughts and deeds, though they rankle and smart, May never delude us or hold us apart Who treasure this talisman deep in the heart "I love you."

Arthur Guiterman (1871 - 1943)

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