A Quote by Arnold Mindell on dreaming

In "The Dreammaker's Apprentice", Arny Mindell says

"...I also know for sure that without dreams, we would have no sense of relativity about our consensus reality.  We need dreams and the Dreaming to observe the everyday world.  Likewise, without consensus reality and dreams, Dreaming could never know itself.  Life would be simply a constant flow.  Perhaps there would only be God-intoxicated states, and no "one" to appreciate these states of being.  Perhaps the Dreammaker loves creating individual dream parts, life forms, people and objects, to know Itself in infinite detail and endless permutations.

In any case, Dreaming creates personality.  Every moment something is dreaming you up by marginalizing the unitary world, making you feel as if there is a you, and everything else is not you or nonexistent.  Dreaming, the Aboriginal Dreamtime, gets marginalized.  And then you can only imagine yourself to be this single, solitary person.

However, if you meditate and expand your awareness, you notice that, actually, you and all "your" thoughts are not created by you.  You know that you arise, you are created, and your thoughts arise.  Suddenly you get the impression that Dreaming is the real thing, not you!  You are an illusion created by Dreaming and Its temporary marginization of everything else as not-you.  That is why I am saying that to understand anything about yourself, and especially about your dreams, you need access to Dreaming and to that grand incomprehensible essence, the Dreammaker.  This cosmic intelligence that makes me think I'm a person by forgetting itself...."

Arnold Mindell

Source: The Dreammaker's Apprentice

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