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In the dream there was a whole group of people.  Each one of them got up and did something different.  I was very surprised that in this graduating class each person did something different.

In front of the group?

In front of the group.  Ah!  And they prepared it ahead of time. [She laughs]  That's exactly what I told you I would like to do!

And they each showed themselves!


Yes, the dream got over the edge.  Now you helped me to explain something I was just going to say; namely, that most of our dreams occur over the edge.  Dreams are pictures of states trying to happen.  Here, on the other side of the edge, is where you are dreaming!  You are not just dreaming in a random way.  Your dreams are highly organized by your edges.  We rarely dream directly about the edge itself, but usually dream over the edge.

[To the group]  You see, in Pam's dreams people are already over the edge doing what they need to, showing themselves, being visible.  Thus, asking about dreams is a method of going over the edges.

I promise to use as little technical vocabulary as possible.  But we shall need the term "primary process" to describe the state of hiding under the basket.  The primary process is the state or way you identify yourself, and the secondary process is how we describe the behavior on the other side, the behavior which is connected to the new identity.

Your body symptoms all occur in the battleground between the identities.  They are part of the edge phenomenon.  If you want to create a body symptom, by the way, the thing to do is to reach and edge and not go over it.  It's the shortest way of getting sick if you want to try it.  Of course, we're trying it all the time!

Since we now know the program for getting sick, we also know how to get well.  All we have to do, in principle, is reverse the program.  Instead of staying behind the edge we have to go over it.

Arnold Mindell

Source: Riding the Horse Backwards

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