A Quote by Antonio Gramsci

A proletarian, no matter how intelligent he may be, no matter how fit to become a man of culture, is forced either [1.] to squander his qualities on some other activity, or else [2.] to become a rebel and autodidact - i.e. (apart from some notable exceptions) a mediocrity, a man who cannot give all he could have given had he been completed and strengthened by the discipline of school. Culture is a privilege. Education is a privilege. And we do not want it to be so. All young people should be equal before culture. Using the funds of all citizens, the State should not be financing the education of the children of wealthy parents no matter how mediocre or deficient they may be, while it excludes even the most intelligent and capable children of proletarians. Grammar-school and higher education should be open only to those who can demonstrate that they are worthy of it

Antonio Gramsci

Source: Men or Machines? (1916)

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