A Quote by Adi Da Samraj on realization and awakening

Reality Itself is a Revelation of What Is.  It is inherently egoless and of a Transcendental Spiritual Nature.  It can be given directly, but it cannot be achieved as a result of any effort whatsoever.  It can only be Directly Revealed, and thereupon Realized.  No answers to your questions, no techniques that could be Spoken or practiced by you are relevant to this Realization.  Realization is simply about Awakening to That Which Is Always Already the Case As It Is--not ideas about It, not to a practice of inverting on It somehow--just As It Is now.  This is counter to every egoic impulse--not what 'you' are about--but senior to them.  Your 'self' as currently identified is the only obstruction to this Realization, which is much more than mental recognition.  To dream without fear--that is the Attraction fully surrendered to.

Adi Da Samraj

Source: Avataric Discourse

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