Prince Albert Embarks on Eco-Expedition

Suzanne Byrne by Suzanne Byrne | January 6th, 2009 | No Comments
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For most of his life, Prince Albert II has been dubbed a playboy. Now, it looks like he’ll be known as an eco-crusader.


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The 50-year-old ruler of Monaco, whose parents were Prince Rainier III and the ever elegant Grace Kelly, kicked off a month-long expedition on Monday to view the impact that global warming has had on the Earth’s southern tip.

The prince will travel to 26 scientific outposts — including the South Pole and King George Islands — and meet with climate change experts from 18 countries.

In a statement announcing his trip, the palace said that Albert, who made the environment a priority after acceding to the throne of his tiny Mediterranean principality in 2005, “decided to take stock of the situation in Antarctica, under threat from global warming.”

Albert, who has been dating swimmer Charlene Wittstock since 2006, has long been a crusader for the planet. In 2007, he worked with the United Nations Environment Programme to protect dolphins and was dubbed the International Patron of the Year of the Dolphin initiative. He also set in motion a plan to return animals housed in Monaco’s zoo to the wild.

You can keep up with Prince Albert during his trip — and even read his log book — right here.


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