Precious Moments

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precious moments

When I was 19 years old a dear friend, Angel, began dating a man named Bill. It was perplexing to me because they were quite different. He was conservative and went to bed early. She was someone who loved to party and stay up late. He was a respected high-level court reporter who played by the rules and she was a teacher with a rebellious nature. When they decided to marry I was present and supportive even though I didn’t quite understand the match.

Then, I became ill and had to be hospitalized. I was alone in New York and scared to have this procedure but it was necessary. It was no surprise that Angel and Bill came to visit me in the hospital, but it was surprising that he took on the role of “father” for me. He demanded that the nurses care for me properly. He showed up daily to make sure that they did. He was insistent that I stay in their home during my recovery and he made sure that I ate and took care of myself. It was in those moments that I became clear that my friend had married a profoundly loving soul. He became the father I never had and remained so until he passed away recently.

When I got the call that he had made his transition, it was not a surprise. He had been ailing for several years. I felt a deep sadness in my heart and then suddenly had this amazing flash of what I call “precious moments” come flooding into my mind. I saw him laughing and expressing the joy of being alive. I heard him telling jokes and reciting poetry that poured out of his mouth with such ease. I relived our vivid phone conversations filled with love; they came back to me as if they were happening in that very moment. I do not remember a moment when he was not loving, kind, considerate and excited to connect with me. Even as his memory began to fail he always knew me and wanted me to know how much I was loved. I am so grateful for the time we had together. I hold our “precious moments” as gifts from the universe to be treasured.

There are people who are important to us all. I hope that you will honor the “precious moments” with each one of them. We are not guaranteed a long life. We only have the time that is right for each of us. So, I say, lavish the people you love with kindness, care, honesty, authenticity and joy. Create memories that will last long after either of you leave this planet. Plant your love so that those seeds live on in the hearts of your beloveds.

Please affirm with me: Today, I celebrate my loved ones. I take time to remind them of how precious they are to me and what a difference they make in my life. I consciously create “precious moments.”


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