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Posing on the Job: Gaiam Vendor Offers Yoga at Work

Posted By Gaiam Staff On April 1, 2011 @ 11:32 am In Fitness, Giving Back, Health & Wellness, Yoga | No Comments

Woman doing yoga at work [1]Here at Gaiam, we don’t just walk the walk — we pose the pose. Many of us really do keep up a regular yoga practice [2], and yes, we love to use our Gaiam yoga mats [3], bags [4], straps, blocks [5] and clothes [6]. We also count ourselves lucky that we can do yoga at work — either on our own at the on-site gym or at weekly on-site yoga classes. There’s truly nothing like Warrior Pose [7] to start the workday or Savasana [8] to melt away stress at the end of it.

That’s why we were thrilled to learn that one of our amazing vendors — Acorn Paper Products [9] — is also a believer in the benefits of yoga [10]. The company offers its employees two free lunchtime yoga classes each week — using all Gaiam yoga products [11]! In a recent company newsletter, Acorn said that “yoga at work provides employees with powerful tools needed to manage everyday challenges and to maximize health and well-being.”

Here are a couple of quotes from Acorn employees on why they value the at-work yoga classes:

“I’m enjoying each and every class; yoga is keeping me smiling, stronger, healthy and younger — ready to continue with my daily duties.” — Telesfora Sanchez

“Yoga is my ‘Adela Time’ and the balance in life I need.” — Adela Barajas

Acorn Yoga at Work [12]

Does your workplace offer yoga classes? Tell us about it! Or, if it doesn’t, suggest the idea to your Human Resources department. In the meantime, you can “get your yoga on” right at your desk with this series of stress-relieving back stretches [13].

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