November: A Month of Everyday Magic

Spiritual Cinema Circle by Spiritual Cinema Circle | November 12th, 2012 | No Comments
topic: Inspirational Media, Personal Growth

This month, the film selections from Spiritual Cinema Circle will inspire you with the power of everyday magic. The feature film, Musical Chairs, is a romantic drama about two young New Yorkers who overcome physical challenges and celebrate the beauty of dance.

The short film Tiny Miny Magic has been recognized at multiple film festivals in the past year. Filmmaker Danielle Lurie joined us in the studio to share insights on the film. Our film program for this month also includes the short films Friend Request Pending (starring Dame Judi Dench) and A Finger, Two Dots Then Me, by Derrick Brown.

Spiritual Cinema Circle is a monthly DVD club that celebrates inspiring and thought-provoking films.


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