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Patricia Moreno by Patricia Moreno | February 26th, 2008 | 1 Comment
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One of the excuses people so often think is a “good” excuse for slacking off is “I don’t have enough time to exercise.” The problem with that is, it is just an excuse. And all excuses do is build a wall around us and what we say we want — by allowing us to believe that circumstances out of our control define what we choose to do in our life.

So take back your power: Drop the excuse of “I don’t have time.” Everyone has the same 24 hours in a day, and I would bet a million dollars that you can squeeze in 30 minutes a day if you really wanted to, if your life depended on it … or if you just changed your mind.

The goal of working out is to enjoy your life more and feel great about the body you are living in. It is to increase your vitality and to be responsible for the health of your body. Your body needs exercise, and you are the one who needs to exercise it. The only way your body is going to stay healthy, strong, fit, lean, flexible, alive and well is by your taking care of it.

One easy way to make time for exercise is to find a workout you really enjoy. If the gym isn’t your thing, try tennis, volleyball or even kickball! Or, pop in a fitness DVD at home — you’ll save time by not having to drive to the gym. Challenge your excuses; they only keep you from taking responsibility for your body, health and happiness.



  1. Mixing up the routine goes a long way in keeping up a yoga practice.

    YogaDawg | March 1st, 2008 | Comment Permalink

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