New Year’s Wishes for You

Cynthia James by Cynthia James | December 30th, 2010 | No Comments
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Happy Holidays,

As we moved toward the end of this year, I really began to contemplate how I, personally, wanted to end 2010.

As I meditated and wrote in my journal, it became clear to me that I want to end this year in amazing gratitude. I stand in gratitude for my family and friends, doing the work I love, supporting people in the discovery of freedom and living full out. As I reflect on this year, there have been numerous miraculous experiences. Some that took my breath away because it was clear that the universe had synchronized to support me and my work. Sometimes, I wake up awestruck at the magnificence of the life I live and the beauty that surrounds me. But they are not all “good” days. Sometimes I have that feeling in the midst of “stuff” happening in my life. However, I can still see how love expresses itself in my life and blesses me beyond measure.

As we leave 2010, I want you to know how grateful I am for being with you throughout this year. It has been my honor to bring my thoughts, share my insights and support you. As you end this year, know that I hold you in my heart and my prayers.

Please know that we are all here by divine appointment and that there is incredible support for you. Please remember:

  1. You are powerful, gifted and essential to this planet.
  2. The circumstances of your life do not define you or your future.
  3. There is a power in the universe that is conspiring for your greatness.
  4. Joy is a natural state of being and is available to you in every moment.
  5. To ask for support is an act of strength, not an act of weakness.
  6. You are important, simply because you exist.
  7. You are loved and love will not elude you.
  8. Leaps of faith allow us to expand in extraordinary ways.
  9. The questions you ask are important.
  10. Freedom is a choice.
  11. Look at what you value and live there.
  12. Surrender that which does not serve you.
  13. Open to the infinite possibilities before you.
  14. Express your authentic self.
  15. Stand for what you believe in.
  16. Shine your light wherever you go.

My prayer for you is that you have a peace-filled and joyous holiday season and New Year.

Love and light,



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