Must-See Links: The Obamas Hire Green Chef, Climate Change and Your Health

Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | January 30th, 2009 | 1 Comment
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Green Living

Obamas Hire Green Chef

Sam Kass, one of the new breed of chefs who are concerned about the environment and about poor eating habits in this country, is now cooking for them in the White House. Mr. Kass’s appointment should please chefs that lobbied the Obamas to set an example for the rest of the country by emphasizing food that is healthy, local and sustainable. (New York Times)

Most Adorable Renewable Energy Video Project Ever

Our Renewable Nation is possibly the most adorable project ever conceived to advocate renewable energy. It’s an eco-video project helmed by the McCullough family, who are traveling across the country in a vegetable oil powered VW Beetle. They’re visiting wind farms , solar installations, talking to companies developing sustainable technologies, and documenting all their interviews and travels on video. (TreeHugger)

Mind-Body Fitness

Gear Review: The Wave

If you prefer working out at home because it’s cheap, private, and open 24-7 then you’re going to love The Wave ($90). FitSugar reviews this exciting and innovative new fitness kit by The FIRM. (FitSugar)

Fast, Efficient Yoga

How long do you think your yoga practice “should” be? Yogis, you don’t have to practice for hours at a time to receive the benefits of yoga.You can actually get results from short, economic, efficent asana sequences. (Everything Yoga)

Health & Wellness

Climate Change and Your Health

As climate change continues to trigger changes in air quality, people around the world will become more and more vulnerable to serious respiratory problems. Here are some steps you can take to reduce the risks. (Conscious Choice)

To Be Nut-Wise

Yes nuts are tasty, can be salty, are often found in small decorative dishes at cocktail parties , and have a bad rap for being high in fat and calories. But did you know that they’re also packed with protein, Omega 3 fatty acids, and may even stave off breast cancer? (EcoSalon)

Personal Growth

Why You Should Celebrate Your Mistakes

When you make a mistake, big or small, cherish it like it’s the most precious thing in the world. Mistakes should be cherished and celebrated for being one of the most amazing things in the world: they make learning possible, they make growth and improvement possible. (ZenHabit)


  1. I think the Obama’s are definitely moving in the right direction, starting with their “home”, and making changes for the world to see and follow. Of course, all of us cannot afford to hire a “green chef” ourselves, but we certainly can try to make other smaller, greener changes to our lifestyles.

    Sonya Singha | January 30th, 2009 | Comment Permalink

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