Must-See Links: More Men Doing Yoga, “Slow Wear” Growing Fast

Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | February 6th, 2009 | 1 Comment
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Green Living

A New Ethical Wardrobe for Recessionary Times?

If the trendspotters have it right, recession is helping the fashioning of a new politically-correct wardrobe, a trend labeled “Slow Wear”. Much like the Italian-born “Slow Food” movement against fast food, the homogenization of taste, and the saving of tradition, “Slow Wear” involves a return to basics, buying quality over cheap stuff, and saving the planet. (Google News)

Mind-Body Fitness

More Men Doing Downward Dog

Guys are spending more time on the mat, according to an end-of-year study by the Yoga Journal. About 700,000 more men are practicing yoga than four years ago — 16.5 million up from 15.8 million, according to the study. (USA Today)

Health & Wellness

6 Surprising Sources of Air Pollution In Your Home

While many sources of indoor air are fairly obvious and well-known — second-hand smoke, carbon monoxide and radon, to name the most prominent, and deadly — there are more insidious, secret sources of pollution that any concerned homeowner or parent should consider. Here are some of the most surprising. (TheDailyGreen)

Personal Growth

The Zen Commandments

Meditation reduces stress, insomnia, chronic pain and depression; and recently, it was shown to strengthen immunity, according to researchers at the University of Massachusetts Medical School. And you don’t have to sit cross-legged on a mountaintop to get the calming payoff. Here are seven things your Zen master won’t tell you, but we will. (IYogaLife)


  1. Yoga is a way of life, a conscious act, not a set or series of learning principles. The dexterity, grace, and poise you cultivate, as a matter of course, is the natural outcome of regular practice. You require no major effort. In fact trying hard will turn your practices into a humdrum, painful, even injurious routine and will eventually slow down your progress. Subsequently, and interestingly, the therapeutic effect of Yoga is the direct result of involving the mind totally in inspiring (breathing) the body to awaken. Yoga is probably the only form of physical activity that massages each and every one of the body’s glands and organs. This includes the prostate, a gland that seldom, if ever, gets externally stimulated in one’s whole life.
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