Must-See Links: Eco-Kids Get Tough On Parents, Fitness on a Budget

Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | January 9th, 2009 | 1 Comment
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Every week we highlight the best articles, blogs, news, videos and interesting Web tidbits to help you live green, be healthy, and connect with your sense of spirituality. Read our roundup for info that just helps you live better.

Green Living

Norwegian Eco-Kids Keeping Their Parents in Check

Don’t mess with these kids! The Norwegian organization Miljøagentene (Eco Agents) is generating buzz with some funny commercials featuring kids cracking down on the less-than-eco-friendly mistakes of their parents and showing them how to be more environmentally conscious. (Earth First, YouTube)

Miss Vermont Goes With “Green” Gown

Miss Vermont will be wearing a green dress when she walks out on stage at the Miss America Pageant on Jan. 24. Ashley Ruth Wheeler’s dress will be an environmentally friendly gown made from hemp, organic cotton and silk, and all of the lace and beads are recycled. (MSNBC)

Who in Your Community Has a Heart of Green?

The Daily Green is preparing its second annual Heart of Green Awards, and they need your help. They’re looking for local heroes working in communities to benefit the environment and help their neighbors go green. Nominate someone from your neighborhood! (TheDailyGreen)

Mind-Body Fitness

Fitness Trends for 2009 That Won’t Break the Bank

Hiring a personal trainer to help whip you into shape might not be in your budget for 2009. According to the American Council on Exercise (ACE), fitness trends for 2009 are all about getting your body tight and keeping your budget even tighter. (Lime)

DVD Review: Body Target — Abs

Want to work your core but aren’t sure if you’re in the mood for yoga or Pilates? FitSugar helps you find out how to get a taste of both with a review of the Gaiam DVD, Body Target — Abs ($15), which features two segments: Yoga for Abs (with Rodney Yee), and Pilates for Abs (with Ana Cabán).

Health & Wellness

175+ Foods, Recipes & Tips: Your Guide to Better Meals, Bigger Brains, Hotter Sex, a Lighter Footprint & Less Stress!

One of the most impressive (and fun!) collection of articles for any area of wellness on the Web. Whether it’s your diet, energy level, or sex life you’re looking to boost, you’ll find everything you need to eat well and be well while going green. (EcoSalon)

Sweet Potato Fries and 9 Other Winter Recipes

Eat in season with these delicious recipes — including sweet potato fries, roasted butternut squash and pear soup and smoky root vegetable gratin— perfect for a cold winter day. (TheDailyGreen)

Personal Growth

Ten Cool Ways to Beat the Winter Blues

The “winter blues” are characterized by the mild depression, lack of motivation, and low energy that many experience during this cold season. Luckily, there’s a lot you can do to prevent the blues and get yourself back to normal if they’re already here. (SparkPeople)

My Body Through My Eyes

Last month I turned thirty-four and vowed to be a little kinder to my body. I want to give it more respect, to stop judging it so harshly, to discontinue defining it by society’s standards. I resolve to love my body for what it is, rather than continue to hate it for what it will never be. (DivineCaroline)


  1. Dear Devine, I will be 60 this year and I have finally come to realize that joy is not in my shape or the things that I have; it is in me. With that said, I do my best to eat healthy and enjoy every morsal, smile and feel gratitude, exercise outside as much as I can so i can enjoy the beauty that surrounds me. I still forget some times to slow down, but consciousness is the answer! Blessings :-)

    judy davis | January 14th, 2009 | Comment Permalink

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