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Inner IDEA: A Time-Out to Sample New Mind-Body Workout Techniques

Posted By Jill Miller On September 22, 2009 @ 3:58 pm In Conscious Living News, Fitness, Gaiam Happenings, Pilates, Yoga | No Comments

Dressed top to bottom in Zobha, I point out trigger points on my assistant Florence's back. [1]

Dressed top to bottom courtesy of Zobha, I point out trigger points on my assistant Florence's back.

Last weekend I presented three Yoga Tune Up® [2] workshops at the Inner IDEA Conference [3] near Palm Springs, Calif. This yearly gathering brings together the leading innovators of the mind-body fitness world to convene at the serene La Quinta Resort in Palm Desert. As always, the event saw a great turnout. My Yoga Tune Up® workshops were packed, and Gaiam [4] and its SPRI [5] team generously provided a variety of props for my sessions.

Students had a toy box full of Yoga Tune Up® balls [6]; Gaiam yoga blocks, straps [7] and SPRI’s foam rollers [8] and sponge balls [9]. It was very exciting exposing so many new people to my work. They learned dozens of unconventional uses for all of these props and ventured into tension areas within their bodies that were previously undetected.

I met a vast array of people who came in from all over the country (and Canada) to participate. They were studio owners, teachers and practitioners who make the pilgrimage every year to dive into the latest in Pilates [10], Gyrotonic [11], yoga [12], meditation [13] and coaching. Each day, they had to make tough decisions: Will it be functional Pilates with Tom McCook [14] or Mari Winsor [15]? Or Mediation 101 with Michele Hebert [16]? Or perhaps Nia® with Debbie Rosas [17]?

The desert was hot and crisp and offered expansive views of craggy mountains whose colors shifted through a spectrum of browns and reds throughout our days. Each day began with a silent breakfast to help nurture our self-reflection. We ate a healthy assortment of fresh fruits, homemade granola, vanilla-spiked yogurt and some of the best darn coffee ever!

Using the Spri Roller for strengthening the Hamstrings. Top courtesy of Zobha. [1]

Using the SPRI roller for strengthening the hamstrings. Top courtesy of Zobha.

Kelly McGonigal, Ph.D. [18], author of the upcoming book Yoga for Pain Relief and a regular instructor at Inner IDEA, and explained the conference’s palpable culture: “Teachers and students return to Inner IDEA year after year for the same reason we return to the yoga mat [19] day after day: to remember things we know to be true but need to be reminded of. Inner IDEA was designed to help attendees remember the value of being in the present moment [20], refresh their sense of gratitude [21] for life, and reconnect to their own inner strength, inner wisdom and inner joy.”

She has it right. We often need to take time out of our busy lives to reconnect to ourselves and what’s most important to us. And it is at conferences like Inner IDEA where we rejuvenate, refresh and most importantly, learn. I highly recommend you take the trip for next year’s conference [3].

A special thank you to Zobha [1] for graciously providing me with performance wear for the retreat. And much gratitude to the staff of Inner IDEA who produced an amazing event.

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