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Meet Hope, a Gift from Spring

Posted By Nichole Golden On March 11, 2014 @ 10:52 am In Personal Growth | No Comments

Hope and Springtime [1]

Hope is one of those phenomenal insights of the emotional body that can appear in any shape and any context. Hope is cherishing the expectation of fulfillment in any part of your life. Hope is found in loved ones — your sister, brother, mother, father. Hope is the water that fills the well, the lighthouse that calls ships home. Hope is the food on your table and the gas in your car. Hope is as specific or as ambiguous as you need it to be. Where there is nothing, let there be Hope. Where there is something, let there be Hope. You can never have enough and there will never be a lack.

With the recent passing of the equinox and the shifting from one season to the next, Hope has taken up residence around each corner of Spring’s beautiful awakening [2]. With the rounding of the corner from winter to spring [3], the fragrance of seasons past begins to fade, and the sun begins her great lure, calling us to bask in beautiful rays of delicious light. Life lingers a little longer as the days are stretched from edge to edge, illuminating the world that once held so much darkness. Hope is the bright glow, the long lustrous fingers of sparkling gold that kiss your skin and fill your face with twinkling warmth. Hope is the sun that dances in the sky — go play in her light.

Once more our eyes are captured by the blooms on the flowers, tiny white buds that carve their way into the open air, blossoming on the branches of the once-naked trees. Our ears are filled with the melody of the songs the robins sing outside our window. Hope is the excitement of nature coming back to life. The return of movement to the once still space.

The winter nights that dangled many moons in the crisp air — air that pushed life beneath the surface to save itself from exposure to the cutting cold — are over. The air, now warm like the breath, brings out the richness of that which has steeped in the soil. It brings to the surface blades of grass, now ready to show their faces once again. What was once inside now finds its way back out. Earth decorates herself with the beloved jewels of Spring. Hope is the hospitality that welcomes us back to greener days. The invitation to come back out from the depths of the hidden world, to let our own insides come out.

The body, like a bear, has been dormant and aching for activity, dreaming of the day it gets to stretch the slumber from its back and wake its senses once again. Hope is the prayer that sits on the wings of faith and dances her way into hearts that have been in hibernation. Calling us to love once more. Hope is the dance, the scent of the air. Hope is the feeling of new beginnings.

Hope springs an eternal sense of honor for what has come before, joy for what is present now, and faith for what may come in the future. Let Hope fill in the blank for every question mark in your life. Where you feel space in your heart, put Hope in that place. A world colored with shades of Hope [4] is a world that will be held in fullness. Hope is yours to harvest this Spring — carry her with you wherever you go.

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