Meditation Lesson to Increase Holiday Joy

Rodney Yee by Rodney Yee | December 12th, 2007 | No Comments
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holiday meditation

Has Christmas become an annual nightmare? Has gift giving become nauseatingly decadent? Are family gatherings, or the lack of, a source of endless anxieties? Has the mind recorded all these unpleasant memories and does it seem to play them loudly at about this time of year?

Time to stop the madness … Time to record a different tune by digesting the old and opening up to what is happening right now.

Sit back and SIT. Time out — to tune in.

As we first sit down to 10 minutes of sitting silently, we realize how loud and insane all the thoughts can be. Watch the thoughts like a movie. And then begin to tether yourself to your posture and your breath.

Are you slouching? Are you breathing easily?

Stay with it. Day by day, minute by minute, build your ability to sit and watch the thoughts, feel the feelings, and touch physical sensations of the present moment.

This ability to sit with what arises in your meditation and constantly pull yourself back to awareness of your breath and posture can be a second -by-second sanctuary, the eye of the storm that allows you to live life more fully. And the holidays can unfold with the nuggets of joy they were meant to possess. In fact, you can reveal sparks of divinity.


Rodney Yee


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