Living Roundup: Conscious Commitment, Bamboo & More

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Every week we highlight the best articles, blogs, news, videos and interesting Web tidbits to help you live green, be healthy, and connect with your sense of spirituality. Read our roundup for info that just helps you live better.

Continuously, Consciously Choosing

Our teacher passed on the phrase “continuously, consciously choosing” to describe the way commitment works and this is one of the true secrets to happy, long-lasting relationships. Simply put, each day, we are continuously, consciously choosing to be with one another. (Yoga Mates)

Bamboo Is Beautiful

This fast-growing grass makes a beautiful, eco-alternative material for many things you use every day. From silky sheets and comfortable underwear to furniture and “hardwood” floors, bamboo takes many shapes. (The Daily Green)

What To Do About A Slippery Yoga Mat

Slipping on your mat is more than an annoyance – it can compromise the integrity of your poses and even lead to injury. Here are a few simple solutions to this common problem. (

Should Kids Learn to be Spiritual?

What if we considered it to be a foundational coping skill, a guide for every action in our lives? That’s just how the teachers at a unique program called Spirituality for Kids (SFK) view spiritual values—not as beliefs we adopt, but as skills we learn because they help us cope. (IntentBlog)

Being Breast-Fed May Lower Breast Cancer Risk

Adult women who were breast-fed as infants may have a lower risk of developing breast cancer than those who were not breast-fed, unless they were first-born, study findings suggest. (Reuters)

Polar Bears Threatened, But Drilling in their Habitat Still OK

Polar bears were listed as threatened, but the designation only means the bear could become endangered if conservation steps aren’t taken. It puts polar bears on the list but in effect allows Interior to pick and choose which protections to impose. (Grist)

Twenty Social-Eco-Media Gurus To Follow

A great list of 20 eco-centric “social media” power users making a difference in the conscious sphere of the Web. These users consistently work to make the front pages of social media sites with green and conscious living content. (Living Off The Grid)

Ten Ways to Change the World Through Social Media

Many entrepreneurs, activists, and marketers are leveraging the social web for positive change. In the process and by its very nature, they are giving each of us the tools to change the world and make it a better place. (Sustainablog)

How You Can Help Burma Cyclone Victims

Here you will find six organizations accepting charitable donations for relief work in Burma as well as five organizations possibly accepting volunteers for relief efforts. (Eco Wordly)

You can also make a secure donation to Partners, a nonprofit organization that’s provided vital relief services to Burmese refugees and orphans for 14 years. Partners has a team in place in Myanmar (Burma) now providing desperately needed relief from the Cyclone’s aftermath — including shelter, clean water, food, and medical teams and supplies. (Partners World)

VIDEO: The Sundance Channel’s “Big Ideas For A Small Planet”

This original documentary series focuses on some of the most important issues facing humanity. Watch interviews with forward-thinking designers and features on green products and alternative ideas that may transform our everyday lives. (Sundance Channel)


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