Links That Lift You: A Waving Bear, a 91-Year-Young Yogi and a Recycled Playground

Gaiam Staff by Gaiam Staff | December 16th, 2011 | 1 Comment
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From time to time, we highlight the best articles, blogs, news, videos and interesting Web tidbits to help you live fit, live healthy, live green and live happy. Here are this week’s finds.

Friday Fun Video


Green Living

A School in Uganda Builds a Playground out of Recycled Materials

The Future Victory School is only the second school in Sub-Saharan Africa to host a multifunctional playground by the Learning Landscape Network. Construction of the Learning Landscape is done with all recycled materials — primarily recycled tires — and built entirely with hand tools.

What’s unique about the Learning Landscape is that while it can be also used for physical activities, the games specifically designed for the playground teach math and critical thinking skills. (The Learning Landscape Network)


91-Year-Old Yogi Secures ‘Oldest Yoga Instructor’ Title in the Guinness World Records Book

Bernice Bates began practicing and teaching hatha yoga around 1960. Today, at 91 years young, she not only still practices yoga, she still teaches! And she doesn’t plan to stop anytime soon… (

Kathryn Budig Looks to our Canine Counterparts for Life Advice and Yoga Tips

“It’s true that everything we really need to know we can learn from our dogs,” says Kathryn Budig. Read her tips on how to perform your best Downward Dog and you’ll see what she’s talking about! (Women’s Health)

“Yoga in New York Project” by Wari Om


Yoga Behind Bars

Replacing retributive justice with restorative justice for inmates in over-crowded prisons is what James Fox, founder of Prison Yoga Project, advocates through his yoga class programs.

“Yoga and meditation help prison inmates develop important emotional skills like impulse control and willpower – both of which can prevent someone from seeking out a drug fix or pulling out a weapon in moments of stress,” says Fox. (The Christian Science Monitor)

You’re a Great Yoga Teacher! (Here’s Why)

Check this list of five things that make a great yoga teacher and see how you stack up! (MindBodyGreen)


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