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Links That Lift You: Happy Hooping, Princess of Garbage and an Aah-vacado Salad Recipe

Posted By Gaiam Staff On March 25, 2011 @ 5:00 pm In Fitness, Giving Back, Green Living, Health & Wellness, Healthy Eating, Personal Growth | 3 Comments

From time to time, we highlight the best articles, blogs, news, videos and interesting Web tidbits to help you live fit, live healthy, live green and live happy. Here are this week’s finds.

Health & Wellness

Hula Hooping and Self-Love [1]

Hooping is more than a workout. For Carla, it improved her relationship with her body, and it allowed her to be free of self-scrutiny for the first time in her life. Best of all, it made her smile! (MizFitOnline)

Avocado Salad with Ginger and Peanuts [2]

An amazing (and simple!) recipe that combines all of the wonderful tastes of avocado, ginger syrup, peanuts, watercress and more. (TreeHugger)

Personal Growth

Insider Tips on Outsmarting Restaurant Owners [3]

We know restaurant owners have to eat too, but that doesn’t mean you should spend more than you planned on a dinner out. This article from LearnVest, a personal finance site geared toward women, serves up some of the ways restaurants coax you to spring for that extra appetizer or pricier meal and how to avoid them. (LearnVest)

The Princess of Garbage Day [4]

Does clinging to “stuff” mean you’re holding onto the past? Blogger Marylee Fairbanks explores the link between emotional and physical baggage and how yoga may help you let go. Favorite quote about de-cluttering her home: “I realize that if everything is ‘important’ then nothing is.” (Elephant Journal)

Mind-Body Fitness

What’s SUP… [5]

If you live anywhere near the oceans where folks are able to swim and body board, perhaps even surf, you may be familiar with the term SUP. For the rest of us, SUP is an acronym for Stand Up Paddle aka Paddle Surfing. What started as a way for surf instructors to manage large classes, SUP has now turned into a form of physical fitness some swear by. Watching this beginner video on how to start SUPing really makes me want to book that Hawaiian vacation! (The FindMeFit blog)

Green Living

Spring Greening: Eco Restoration in New Orleans [6]

Nonprofit group Historic Green re-makes history with the future in mind. Once a year, volunteers gather in New Orleans’ historic Lower 9th Ward to rebuild homes damaged by Hurricane Katrina. Not only do they restore the houses, they restore them green, using sustainable design and eco-friendly materials and methods. Green designers, preservationists, builders and compassionate regular folks just finished working on more than a dozen residential and community projects at Spring Greening 2011. Might be a fun way to spend next year’s spring break! (HistoricGreen.org)

Take Back the Power [7]

This is one time when being in the dark will shed light on the subject of conservation. Turn your lights off from 8:30 to 9:30 p.m. on Saturday, March 26, dubbed “Earth Hour.” You’ll be joining millions of people around the globe in demonstrating how a simple individual act can positively affect the planet. Last year 128 countries and territories participated, and this year, organizers are encouraging participants to make eco commitments that go beyond the hour. (EarthHour.org) UPDATE: Did you miss Earth Hour this weekend? Don’t fret – You can still show your support by picking an hour this week to observe it on your own!

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