Is Oneness Really the Right Path?

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Many Eastern and modern spiritual traditions claim that oneness is the pinnacle of spiritual achievement. In this sense, oneness means to connect to — and ultimately become absorbed into — a great numinous matrix. This can be likened to a drop of water returning to the ocean, as Zen traditions claim.

However, oneness can also be realized as the loss of individuality when memories and experiences become information within the Akashic records. In all of these cases, the individual that once was a human being no longer exists upon the death of the body. The essence of one’s experience and being is simply absorbed into the fold of a higher level of reality, or into a greater whole.

In the classical sense of oneness, each individual is advised to reject or remove the ego. This enables an easier assimilation into the great numinous state of oneness. This results in the loss of who you are, and all that you have gained, as an individual. However, this is not the only option open to us. We can retain our individuality and still become part of a greater whole. First, you must assume, rightly, that you are indeed a sacred being. Your ego will love you for it.

It is not preposterous to think that we are all components of one greater whole. It is also not preposterous to think that we are individuals creating a whole reality, in and of ourselves. The Hermetic Maxim suggests: “As above so below, as within so without.” In essence the universe is a reflection of itself, and of you, in every way.

Finding the sacred within

Begin by accepting that you really are perfect in the way that you already are, now. This may be a difficult notion for many people to accept as we have been told, all of our lives, that no one is perfect. Just for now, try to accept that you are indeed perfect for who you need to be in this moment. Accept yourself for who you are now and take joy in that revelation.

You are the person you are now because of the experiences and choices you made that led you to this point in your life. In addition to accepting that you are perfect for who you are now, also accept that you are always in a state of flux. The only constant in the universe is change, and this is true for you, as well.  Your current state of perfection is not a permanent state. You are always changing and evolving as you achieve another perfect state of being. Again, your choices and experiences guide you in your transformation.

Moving into wholeness

Our physical reality is what the Hindu tradition calls the Maya, an illusory existence that is said to only be real to those who inhabit it. Your Maya is a reflection of the perfect being that you are, now. This is how the Hermetic Maxim comes into play. Your external world is a reflection of your internal world. YOU are literally your own world that you have created for yourself and you are the individual ego experiencing that world. Accepting these things, you can now move beyond classical oneness and into wholeness.

Wholeness is a state of being where you accept that you are what you create, and that which you create is you. Instead of dissolving your essence into a collective oneness, you choose to unite your ego into your own individual Maya. The ego of the Atman (individual-self), consciously unified with the Maya (illusion), is the awakening of Brahman (universal spirit).

As you come into wholeness, you may no longer experience yourself as a religious or a spiritual person. Rather, you will come to recognize yourself as a sacred being. You are limited only by your own consciousness and imagination. Taking steps to ever expand your consciousness brings greater cohesion to your whole being. Thus, you are a perfect being, always in a state of transformation, evolving to even more perfect states of being.


  1. Interesting thoughts on the matter. Not many would question it as such.

    Michael Venneri | December 12th, 2012 | Comment Permalink
  2. If ego be here, it’s part of here, there and everywhere…..

  3. you need to make it to enlightenment before you can talk about oneness and know what you are talking about. you have to see the vision of the perfect world and know we can get from here to there at anytime.
    here is the right to passage into enlightenment for you to contemplate and realise:
    surrender yourself and all your possesions to the tribe to declare you are an adult; a response-able contributor to the tribe. declare you love everyone. (at our highest, most mature, most inteligent self, we are no longer a self; we are a “We,” and we love everyone.). Chant this until you realise it: “I surrender myself to all for all.” “I love everyone,” “I am one with all; not above anyone and not below anyone; simply with everyone; on everyone’s side.” “I am all the way home to all humans.” “I open my heart and let everyone in.”
    Once you realise you made it, you will cry happy tears, because you know you made it to this level of Enlightenment. you made it “Home.”

    james wallace | December 16th, 2012 | Comment Permalink

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