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E.B. Boyd by E.B. Boyd | May 27th, 2009 | No Comments
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There probably isn’t a single one of us eco-conscious folks who hasn’t at some point come up with a better idea for helping the world go green. Now there’s a chance to see that idea come to life.

Yahoo! Green and Edison Nation are running Make It Green, a competition to find the best planet-saving product ideas. Anyone can enter. There’s a $10 entry fee (to defray the costs of reviewing the submissions). The winner has a chance of seeing their product hit the market, get a $2,500 prize and a portion of sales, and possibly appear on the “Everyday Edisons” TV show, which runs on PBS.

The ideas submitted so far run from the impressively complex (“an eco-engine that utilizes kinetic energy, scientific conversions and vortex tunnels to lessen the impact of exhaust and fumes from your car”), to the seemingly obvious (solar-powered lawn mowers), to the ingenious (plant-fiber diapers).

There’s a mechanic who thinks we should make “solid state” tires out of recycled tires (to prevent tires from going flat and, presumably, lowering fuel efficiency); a racecar engineer who’s designed a weather vane that can double as a wind turbine; and a hair stylist who devised a device that minimizes the amount of energy a hair dryer uses (purportedly, a hair dryer uses as much electricity in two minutes as a television does in two hours — who knew?).

What qualifies? According to Edison Nation: “any smart product idea with a focus on making our air, water, and planet cleaner and greener.”

Worried about the odds? There are only 21 ideas up there so far. Surely you can come up with a contender.

Don’t have any great ideas? No problem. You can still vote on the ideas other people submit.

Deadline: June 30

Full details are on the Edison Nation website


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