Infinite Patience: An Exercise from Patricia Moreno

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My desire is strong
I have infinite patience
I am powerful now
I am light
I have control
of my life
I am devoted
I feel strong
I have the will
To carry on
I am in it to win it
It is done, it is done

One of my favorite affirmations in this series is, “I have infinite patience.” It was inspired by Marianne Williamson’s lecture from A Course in Miracles where she says “infinite patience brings immediate results.” It reminds us of the power of patience and, when we are impatient, we are activating fear, worry, doubt – the very energies that block the manifestation from happening.

We are the masters of our fate because what we think about, we bring about. We can’t be indulging in fear, doubt and worrisome thoughts and expect a positive result. “There is no happy ending at the end of an unhappy journey.”  (Abraham-Hicks)

Now try the intenSati move “PERSEVERANCE” with the affirmation: “I have infinite patience.”

Begin with your arms extended in front of you, palms flexed. Begin with the right arm pulling back first, and alternate bending and extending each arm into and away from your body four times while saying aloud “I have infinite (right/left) patience (right/left).”

Once you get the groove, add the legs. The RIGHT knee bends up to the chest as the RIGHT arm pulls into the body. Plant the foot down as you switch the arms LEFT pull, RIGHT pull. Now lift the LEFT knee and the LEFT arm pulls into the body. The arms keep alternating as you pull in the knees. Again say aloud “I have infinite patience” This is a move that takes perseverance to master as well as infinite patience!

Begin to notice where you are being impatient and, instead, shift your attention to what you can do today to make the journey a happy one.

You may not have control of the circumstances in your life but you do have control over what you give your attention to. Practice patience with awareness and self-discipline. All that you want will show up in the perfect time in the perfect place. Remind yourself you have infinite patience today.

Do something this month to improve your health and well-being and show your love! The more you give the more you get!


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