I Want It, I Want It, I Really, Really Want It!

Patricia Moreno by Patricia Moreno | February 6th, 2008 | No Comments
topic: Personal Growth

Can you finish this sentence?  I really want to….

One of the power phrases I use in my intenSati workouts is; I want it, I want it, I really, really want it.  It’s purpose is to focus your attention to what you really want for your life.  We habitually focus on how our life is in the present moment.  We are often thinking about what is not going well or what might go wrong in the future.  If you believe that what you focus on you get and what you think, you become then can you see how complaining and worrying will absolutely lead you in the WRONG direction? 

Complaining, worrying, and criticizing your self, your life, or others not only impacts the quality of your life in the moment, it affects your future.  Because what you focus on with passion and enthusiasm grows in your life, whether it is something your want or don’t want.  IntenSati is the practice of training yourself to deliberately focus on where you want your life to go.

Try this exercise.  Pick an area you feel stuck in and repeat this to yourself, out loud and to anyone who will listen as often as you can. “I really want to_______.  And I believe I will receive all the guidance that I need.”  I really want to lose 10lbs.  I really want to fall in love with a great person.  I really want to be happy.  I really want to find a career that I love and I believe I will succeed.  Just keep saying how much you really want it.  Daydream about it.  Imagine yourself living it.  Doing this will help you determine what is important for you and will also help you take your attention off of worrying, complaining, criticizing and disbelieving your dreams. 

Want to be happy, want to be in love, want to have the career of your dreams, want to feel sexy and beautiful, want to live a life you love in a body you love?  Do your part! You have the free will to choose what you give your attention to. Give your attention to what you want and the belief that you will receive all the guidance that you need and see your life begin to blossom into a life you love.

What do you really want?




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