“I Can Give a Little” … a Special Post by 12-Year-Old Elise

Elise Gumaer by Elise Gumaer | December 15th, 2008 | 1 Comment
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My Mom and Dad always told me it was important to help others in need, but even though our family works with refugees I sometimes forget why.

Boys from Karen State in Burma pray at a refugee camp sustained by Partners Relief & Development, founded by Elise’s parents Steve and Oddny Gumaer.

We have everything we need, and I often feel like we deserve it. But while we sit in the living room enjoying our ice cream and watching a movie, there are people dying from hunger, lack of clean water and medicine in the jungles of Burma.

I realized that they are people just like me.

The things that I take for granted are things they don’t have, but desperately want, like a house to live in and a warm blanket. Since I have so much, it’s easy for me to do something to help. I can give a little, but make a big difference.

Elise Gumaer, age 12

Special guest contributor

Editor’s note: We wanted to share Elise’s simple message because our employees at every level have been deeply inspired by her parents’ tireless work for refugees and orphans fleeing through the jungles from military oppression in Burma. Visit the Partners Relief & Development Blogcast or help support Partners’ work by donating here or by purchasing handmade products that benefit this remarkable organization and the beautiful people it serves.


  1. I can tell you that you are my “hero” darling.
    You have been giving of your time and effort since you were a very small child.
    God loves a cheerful giver, Grama

    Grama | January 3rd, 2009 | Comment Permalink

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