I Am Ready for My Soulmate … So What’s the Next Step?

Arielle Ford by Arielle Ford | September 14th, 2009 | No Comments
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Ready For Soulmate

Dear Arielle & Brian,

I am 42 and have practiced some sort of metaphysics since my teens. For the past 15 years, I have been focused on manifesting my soulmate. I have often felt angry and discouraged because he is still not here.

I have read tons of books, made many wish lists, meditated — you name it. All of this has helped me grow into a person who now is ready (finally) for the type of man and type of marriage that I seek.

Everything else in my life is great. I just have this deep longing for my soulmate. I often meet men, but I am unwilling to go out on dates just for the sake of going out with someone who doesn’t meet my standards.

My question is: What additional work do I need to do within to manifest my soulmate?



Hi Suzie,

We suggest that you continue to do all the great things you’re doing to explore your deeper self, and continue to do all of the exercises in The Soulmate Secret. And, do this with the intention,”I’m going to have as much FUN as I possibly can!” So, the next time you feel discouraged or angered, move into your heart space and send yourself, your friends and the world more love. This will immediately lift your spirits.

You might even consider going out on those dates you’ve turned down in the past just to have more fun and develop more friendships. Maybe after the third or fourth date, the sparks might fly and wouldn’t that be fun? Remember, when it comes to men, it’s always best when you can create a space of love, acceptance and trust for the man to grow into his higher self and allow him to find his way, and (most importantly) follow and trust your guidance in this process as well. You’ll most likely limit your opportunities if the checklist is too long or your demands are unrealistic.

Suzie, please “know” your soulmate is on the way, so be as patient as possible because spirit has no timetable. Do your best to detach from any results, expectations or expected outcomes, and trust that the universe will support you in delivering your soulmate to you. Until then, have as much FUN as your heart desires because you obviously deserve Big Love in your life!


Arielle and Brian

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