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How Yoga Made Me an Enlightened Eater

Posted By Kathryn Budig On April 13, 2011 @ 11:20 am In Detox, Fitness, Health & Wellness, Healthy Eating, Yoga | 10 Comments

Yoga Diet [1]I love food and I’m pretty sure it’s got a thing for me too.

I grew up in Kansas where cheese came in the form of a thin orange square wrapped in plastic. Dinner often came out of a box and I thought Miracle Whip and mayonnaise were the same thing. I lived blissfully unaware as I continued into my college years thinking the vegetable garden blend of cream cheese was healthy because it contained vegetables. You can’t fault a Kansas girl for trying.

It wasn’t until I started a full-time yoga practice [2] that I started to change my ways. The interesting part was that no one pushed their yogic eating principles [3] on me. It was simple — the more I practiced, the more my desire for good, healthy fuel grew. I even explored being vegetarian [4] for a year because meat started to make me feel heavy. I started shopping at the farmers’ market [5] instead of the grocery store aisles. I learned about the ancient practice of Ayurveda [6] and absorbed the organic food culture that Los Angeles so abundantly supplies. Everything fascinated me, but the most enlightening part was how I felt when I ate this way: awesome.

My acupuncturist [7] is also a homeopath, and she talked me into doing the 21-day Standard Process cleanse [8]. I was open to 10 days, but 21?! Talk about putting a major damper on my social life and kick to my refrigerator’s rump. Needless to say, she is extremely persuasive, so I agreed.

The cleanse consisted of a few simple rules:

  • No processed foods. Everything must be organic [9] and come directly from source.
  • Take the natural supplements and powder in a daily smoothie.

My diet consisted of tons of sautéed kale, steamed artichokes, smashed cauliflower, poached eggs, lentils, baked fish and homemade soups [14]. Fresh fruit started to taste like candy and my creativity in the kitchen flourished. I chronicled my recipes on my Yogi-Foodie blog for MindBodyGreen [15] and found myself loving this way of eating. My skin was glowing [16], and I forgot what it felt like to have a “fat” day or feel bloated [17]. My energy was soaring and my taste buds were completely satisfied.

Once I completed my 21 days and my DVD shoot for Gaiam [18], I figured I would want to run home and dive head-first into an endless bowl of pudding, but the craziest thing happened: I wanted quinoa, kale and a warm bowl of soup. Okay, I did have half a donut from the set, but hey, it was pink with rainbow sprinkles. Even I couldn’t turn that down.

Point being, if you want to change your life and feel good every day, start a yoga practice [19] and take a look at what you’re putting in your mouth. This is our temple, and we all deserve to glow and feel our absolute best.

So, turn off the computer, go hit up the organic aisle and make your tummy the feast it deserves.

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