How to Succeed in New Intentions (Not Just Resolutions): Part 2

Cynthia James by Cynthia James | January 23rd, 2009 | 1 Comment
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Welcome back! Last time we created an intention statement and you have been reading it aloud daily. If you haven’t been able to do it everyday, don’t beat yourself up. Everything is a process and it may take some work. Activating willingness is a key. The intention statement is the visualization of the life you want to live. Being willing to live a vibrant and vital life will propel you into success.

We also identified our passion and pain points. The passion points are the things that bring joy into our hearts and make us feel alive. When we learn to lead with passion we cannot help but be excited about fully participating in life. People who live with passion have an infectious way of being. We want to be around them. Passionate people make us smile.

Pain points are the areas that keep us from succeeding. They are a strong critical voice that continues to tell us of our flaws and character defects. The pain points are distractions that keep us from living full out. They are well-practiced in talking us out of being successful. Once you become familiar with their energy, you will see how they affect your body, your thinking and your choices. It is very empowering when we realize that we have a choice in igniting our passion while releasing non-supportive beliefs.

In the next two weeks, I invite you to do the following:

Write one affirmation for each of your top three Passion Points. (i.e. I am joyously expressing my creativity in inspiring ways everyday OR I am enthusiastically shining my light everywhere that I am). These affirmations will become anchors in supporting the realization of your intention.

Write one statement that shifts each of your top three pain points into power. (i.e. I joyously care for my body by eating in a healthy way and exercising my body OR I am choosing to release negative thinking and open to the possibilities of my life everyday). These statements will be expansive as you divorce the inner critic voice and step into your personal power.

Now, get a 3×5 card and write your affirmations on one side and your shift statements on the other. Carry it with you and read them aloud. Some days you will only need to read them once. Other days you may need to read them multiple times. Here is the key: You must commit to this wholeheartedly. Do this for 15 days and you will install a new habit that is supportive and energizing.

Continue to read your intention statement, aloud, every day. This will keep the vision of your new and improved life fully activated.

There is nothing and no one that can stop you but you. Keep your eye on the prize. There is a winner in you.

I invite you to affirm daily: Today, I stand on the precipice of my greatness, and I dare to soar.


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