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How to Shift from Depression to Expression

Posted By Cynthia James On November 28, 2008 @ 9:48 am In Health & Wellness, Personal Growth | 8 Comments

For many people, this is a time wrought with pain and suffering from failed relationships, financial challenges, job dissatisfaction and self-worth issues. Today I want to share a tool to help you or someone you love transform feelings of depression by looking at circumstances as gifts.

The dictionary defines “depressed” as low in Spirits, dejected; suffering from social or economic hardship. If we really look at this, it is about being affected by circumstances — allowing life’s challenges to move us to a state of feeling low, unwanted, uncertain and fearful. What if you decide to feel differently?

I believe the reason each of us is here is to express our feelings, thoughts and gifts — to share our gifts in service to humanity — in a way that moves us forward, beyond limited thinking and choices that do not serve us. Yet often we submerge what wants to be expressed because it is too scary. We give more attention to fear than to faith in our amazing gifts.

This week, try this tool to help you shift from depression [1] to expression.

1. Write down how you feel.

Include the sadness, pain, anger, fear, doubt and frustration. Do this without judgment. You are just getting it out of your consciousness.

2. Write down all the ways you LOVE to express.

It could be singing, dancing, writing, painting, drawing or just walking in the woods.

3. Burn the first list.

… as a symbol of letting go and taking your attention off of the challenge you face.

4. A little bit each day, choose to do something in a way you love to express.

Notice how you feel when you bring into your awareness the artistry of your creativity.

Welcome to my Gaiam blog. I am so excited join Gaiam’s amazing community. I hope my blog supports you in moving through life with ease, grace and peace of mind. Each sharing will give you tools you can use in practical ways in your everyday life — ways you can stand in your power, engage in unlimited living and express joy as you make a difference in this world. Thanks to Gaiam and to you for inviting me to share in your lives.

Many blessings,


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