How to Reveal Oneness in Your Everyday Life

Cynthia James by Cynthia James | August 28th, 2009 | No Comments
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There is a lot of talk about oneness. We love the philosophers, teachers and healers that espouse wholeness and unity. There are blogs, newsletters and organizations dedicated to a world that is united, and it makes my heart smile to think that this aspect of the spiritual conversation is unfolding in such a grand way.

However, I am wondering how we are all doing with revealing oneness in our everyday lives. I often see people walk past a homeless person with disdain or make comments about certain races or cultures that are derogatory. So the question becomes, how can we reveal oneness if we are steeped in judgment? How can we walk down a street and look away when someone smiles at us? How can we decide that someone is dangerous because they wear low-riding pants? How can we see someone whose color is different and become anxious having never exchanged one word with that person? This is a reflection of old programming and beliefs that have nothing to do with unity in humanity.

The concept of oneness calls each of us to look deeply into our own hearts. It calls us to acknowledge our prejudices and be courageous enough to own those aspects that are non-supportive and non-inclusive. This kind of inner exploration is challenging because it pushes us to really take stock of our own thoughts, words and actions. Then, we are called to decide if we are going to make a change and actually walk our talk.

7 questions to help you practice oneness

I invite you to join me in an active partnership this month to reveal oneness on this planet. I am committing to a practice of oneness. I am committing to assuming full responsibility for my participation in oneness on this planet. If you would like to join me, reflect upon the following:

1. Where do I look at others as less than me?

2. What is my commitment today to stand for oneness?

3. When I assess my day, was I kind, loving, open and compassionate?

4. If I left the planet today, would I be proud of my thoughts and actions?

5. What is the legacy I want to leave regarding oneness?

6. How committed am I to letting go of the judgment of others?

7. How committed am I to stand for human rights when it is uncomfortable?

Take a moment to remember this:

Today, I dedicate myself to living a life of oneness. I hold this intention in every aspect of my life.


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