How to Increase Your Own Prosperity Part 1: Commit to Creating a Good Life

Gay and Katie Hendricks by Gay and Katie Hendricks | September 14th, 2009 | 2 Comments
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For three decades, it’s been part of my life purpose to teach the principles and practices of manifestation. I use all the principles and practices I teach daily in my own life. I can’t think of anything more important than learning how to create prosperity for yourself, your family and community. I sometimes wish someone had taught them to me earlier in my life, which is why I want to make sure everyone who wants to know about manifestation has the opportunity.

Acknowledge you’re a manifestation genius

Here’s the absolute first thing that will get you moving in the right direction. Acknowledge this: You’re already a manifestation genius. Now, all you have to do is hitch your genius to your heart’s desires instead of your default programming.

I realized 30 years ago that I was an absolute genius at manifestation — with one big problem. My problem was that my genius was hitched to my unconscious programming instead of what I consciously wanted to create. By 24 years old, I had managed to attract several women in a row who abandoned me. Anyone who can create the same pattern with three or four different women is a genius. I’d also managed to create a job I hated and a house I didn’t want to live in. I also weighed 320 pounds (instead of the 190 I weighed this morning), and I had a heavy cough from sucking on two packs of Marlboros a day. I was an absolute genius at creating a life I hated. By 24, I had mastered the art of making myself miserable.

Fortunately I woke up from this trance. I realized my pattern of getting abandoned was a replay of getting abandoned just after I was born. It had happened 24 years before, but I was still repeating it in my adult relationships. My slow suicide from cigarettes and obesity wasn’t even original: My father had eaten and smoked himself to death by 32, leaving a young widow and a child he never got to see (me). My father’s death put my mother into a downward-spiral, which led to my getting abandoned. And here I was, unconsciously repeating the same patterns decades later. Worse yet, I was well on my way to leaving my own infant daughter an orphan.

Re-write your life script

Anyone who can do that is a genius. I realized that if I could unconsciously attract one woman after another who abandoned me, I could just as easily re-write that script and consciously attract women who loved me. I re-wrote my script, and my marriage to Kathlyn for 30 years has been the greatest treasure of my life.

I realized I could invent a new body — one of my own design instead of a dead man’s design. It took me a year to lose the first hundred pounds. It took me a few days of discomfort to quit wanting cigarettes. I felt better than I ever had in my life, but I didn’t stop there. I went on to invent work I love, in a field I never knew existed until I was in my 20s. It’s taken daily focus to create a magnificent life, but I haven’t had a dull moment in 30-some years of working on it.

I know it can be done. Now, my question to you is: Are you willing to make a commitment to creating a magnificent life? If you’re willing to make that commitment, you’ve made the first key step.

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