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How to Eat Healthy with One Addition to Your Diet

Posted By Tanja Djelevic On March 15, 2010 @ 2:42 pm In Health & Wellness, Healthy Eating | 10 Comments

Do you sometimes get stuck eating the same foods over and over that you know you like? They might even be healthy foods [1], but a little variety (or a lot!) is important when it comes to getting phytochemicals, the plant-based chemicals that are believed to boost our immune systems [2] and protect against disease.

Phytochemicals may help with everything from fighting cancer [3] to improving memory [4], and scientists say the best way to get them is to eat a rich assortment of plant-based foods. Spinach, tomatoes and grapes are just some of the well-known foods that contain phytochemicals, but there are literally hundreds of others, including whole grains [5], vegetables [6], beans, fruits [7] and nuts.

Check out this chart of phytochemical-rich foods and their effects [8]. You might even take it with you when you shop for groceries. In addition to adding more health-boosting phytochemicals to your diet, perhaps you’ll discover some delicious new flavors!

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