How to Activate Joy and Live a Fearless Life

Cynthia James by Cynthia James | August 17th, 2009 | 4 Comments
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In the past few weeks, many people have come to me requesting information on accessing their joy. They have spoken about the challenges in their lives including divorce, lay offs, financial challenges and abuse from the past. As I have contemplated their questions, I kept coming back to one thing: Joy and happiness are states of consciousness. To experience joy, we must choose to activate that state. That is not always easy, especially when it appears that we are bombarded by so much information or in the midst of a life challenge.

If joy is a natural state of our being, which I believe it is, we are called to become still enough to discover where it lives within us. This means being totally dedicated and disciplined when it comes to spiritual practice. It also means being relentless in keeping our attention on what we want. It means being unwavering in focus.

Comic Yakov Smirnoff spoke about his devastated feelings watching the events of 9/11. Then he realized that he saw the Statue of Liberty standing there as a witness in a way that was strong and powerful. He thought that this is a powerful metaphor for us all. In any circumstance, we can stand strong, unwavering and without fear. The absence of fear leaves room for unbounded joy to be revealed. The absence of fear creates a void that can be filled with the qualities of life that are enhancing and mighty.

Are you willing to activate your joy? Are you willing to be unwavering in the face of discomfort? Are you open to living a fearless life?

5 ways to activate joy

I invite you do the following:

1. Write down experiences of joy that you have had in your life. Witness how you feel in your body.

2. Now close your eyes and bring each experience in, one at a time. Once again, notice your body.

3. Use this practice everyday, preferably in the morning before you leave your house.

4. When the day gets stressful or you begin to worry about anything, stop and do this exercise.

5. The mind will instantly re-focus and realize that you are activating another experience … the experience of joy.

Take a moment to remember this:

Today, I consciously activate joy. I choose it! I am an unwaveringly place of fearless living.


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