How I’m Getting My Pre-Baby Body Back

Ginny Figlar Colón by Ginny Figlar Colón | November 16th, 2011 | No Comments
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Postnatal Yoga DVDI am not good at working out. Yoga never seemed to be my thing, and now I have a new baby to take care of.

And that’s exactly why I wanted to give Gaiam’s new video subscription service,, a try.

After one month of using the service (OK, to be honest, my workout routine was pretty sporadic), I trimmed my waistline by 1.5 inches and my hips by 3 inches, and I lost 1 lb. of stubborn baby weight. I can only imagine what the results would have been if I had been more consistent.

I was skeptical that this sort of thing wouldn’t appeal to me for the reasons mentioned above. But after giving it a go, I think new moms like me are ideal subscribers. Here’s why:

1. 10-minute workouts are easy to fit in (usually).

I focused on postnatal videos, including Postnatal Yoga, QuickFix Post Natal and Buff Moms. All were broken up into 10-minute segments that focused on abs, cardio, lower body, upper body, etc. I liked that it enabled me to create my own playlist of 10-minute workouts. Plus, there were days when 10 minutes was all I could fit in before the baby started crying. One of my friends on Facebook wrote that a 20-minute workout is better than no workout. I think the same applies for 10-minute workouts!

2. I can work out in a baby-friendly space in my home.

I watched the videos on my laptop, which I placed on our carpeted basement floor. There, I had plenty of space to move around, and my baby could lay right next to me. I just did a 10-minute abs workout, and he was smiling at me the whole time.

3. I can focus on abs now and then move onto something else later.

It’s nice to be able to try out new things. I actually liked the postnatal yoga video a lot and felt it may have made the biggest difference in getting my physique back. (I felt longer every time I did it.) Being able to pick and choose different things means you can focus on certain parts of your body and not suffer from workout burnout. Changing it up definitely keeps it more interesting.

4. I can skip workouts without feeling guilty.

$9.95 per month is not a big investment, plus there’s a free 10-day trial to get you started. So if the baby is having a fussy day, it’s not like I have the stress of missing a class or wasting an expensive gym membership. And these days, less stress ranks very high in my book.

Are there any other new moms out there who have also subscribed to How are you getting back into shape?


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