How Did You Meet Your Soulmate?

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Every day, we pose a question to the members of Gaia, Gaiam’s online community for people committed to creating healthy lives of meaning and purpose. Recently, we asked our community for answers to the question, “How did you meet your partner?” Below are a few of our favorites — because who doesn’t love “how we met” stories?


How I met my partner? Sheer synchronicity. The first time I saw her, I thought, that may be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever seen. The first time she saw me, she could not believe the sadness I held in my eyes… but was too nervous to actually talk to me.

Samar’s family did not need to trust me with their most beloved daughter. And I did not believe myself that I was a trustable person — at least not before Samar handed me her whole being. “Here I am. Do not fracture me. I trust in you.” It was a message I never expected to hear again. Here we are now, approaching two years, engaged and planning our lifetime together. – Jason


We met for the first time in Hong Kong at a weeklong multilateral trade negotiations seminar. Romantic, hm? We were both apprentice officers to senior government officials, though at the time I didn’t even know where Nepal was.

We felt good comfortable together, emotionally and intellectually, from the moment we first interacted at the group’s inaugural reception/dinner. There wasn’t that much time to get to know each other well then, but we remained in touch through letters, a few phone calls, visits in between official and study missions.

It took five years before he proposed marriage and I accepted. Today we have this oft-repeated joke that we met in a multilateral trade negotiations seminar and ended up with a bilateral negotiation. – Armila


I met my sweetheart in high school: we were the proverbial high school sweethearts. It’s funny, because our fifteen-year old daughter was just lamenting not ever having had a boyfriend. Mike and I were extolling the virtue of quality over quantity, reminding her that her dad hadn’t dated anybody until we met when he was in 11th grade, and that I had only dated a couple people. She replied, “Yeah, but nobody DOES that anymore.”

I wonder why? Some may say that there is little chance that high school romances will endure, but for us, it worked. And I can’t imagine that it won’t continue forever, given all that we have already had to test us. We will be married 20 years next June. – CJ


I met my husband in November 2004 on a social networking site, when I was just 17 years old. Now I’m 21, and though we’ve been married just two years, it feels as though I’ve been with him all my life. We’ve built so many memories together already, and we are so excited for the rest of our lives together.

Who would have thought that a relationship that was only supposed to be a friendship turned into the wonderful and amazing commitment we have for each other? – Alvely


I love getting asked this question!

We met at the 2007 Love Fest in San Francisco. I was in full costume—and a crazy costume too! My hair was painted bright red, I had a glitter mask around my eyes, and I was wearing a red mushroom skirt I’d made, with black feathers all around the edge. Combine that with platform boots and outrageous tights… I was unrecognizable even to myself. I was dancing on the top of the Bohemian Carnival Bus, in the middle of Civic Center Plaza, and I saw my friend Chris with a few of his friends. I started calling to him, but he didn’t hear me. Ten clowns did, though, and suddenly the pack of them starting yelling to Chris and his friends as well, blowing horns to get their attention, and waving them over to me.

Jesse was one of those friends, and we’ve been together ever since.

Now, if I ever get loud and obnoxious, and he protests, I just remind him how we met — with my entourage of horn-blowing clowns. What did he expect? – Couture


How did I meet my partner?

Oh, it’s lovely to remember. This week, actually, is the anniversary of when we first met: I first caught sight of him 1970 when I joined a business firm as a bright young PA. and he was a surveyor.

About a year later, the office Christmas party came around, and there he was, standing at the bar, as usual, and discussing the latest rugby match. I decided to join in the conversation. I knew that he was a gentle soul, unlike some of the other office wolves, so I felt safe and comfortable with him.

Later that evening he drove me home, and when he dropped me off, invited me to another party the following week. Of course I said “yes”. After that, there was no long story: he proposed on New Year’s Eve, and we married 10 weeks later.

In March 2009 we celebrated our 37 year anniversary. I still adore him. – Clare

What about you?

How did you meet your sweetheart?

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