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Cynthia James by Cynthia James | January 24th, 2011 | 3 Comments
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I believe this is going to be a fabulous year that is filled with incredible opportunities. I, personally, am focusing on living at a high level of consciousness and choice.

There has been much discussion on how attitude affects experience. Today, I would like to ask us to consider how that focus affects our vibration and therefore informs us what we will attract into our lives.

David Hawkins did a lot of research about beginning to function at a high vibration level (defined as 200 megahertz or higher). Basically, he says that if you correlate with this frequency in thought, word, deed and behavior, you begin to create healthy living.

Recently, there was a challenge in my life that pulled most of my attention. I thought about it, talked about it and prayed about it. Then, one day I spoke to an incredible woman in my life who is an energy coach. She shared with me that the approach that I was taking was lowering my vibration and frequency because it was focused on what was wrong. A great “a-ha” occurred in that moment. By being where I was, I could only become sadder and feel more pain. So, I created a statement that I would use whenever my mind would want to take me into that fear/pain place. I simply called in love and light. I know that sounds simple, and it is!

At first, I said it a lot. Then, it became apparent that I was creating a new habit and thus expanding my vibration and field of positive experience. The shift has been amazing. I now use that energy to place my attention on creating a more powerful and enriching life. I use that energy to be in higher service to myself, others and community.

I invite you to start this year by observing your thought patterns and how they make you feel. If you do not feel joyous, hopeful, expansive or powerful … you are vibrating at a lower frequency. Create your own “energy shift statement.” Make it simple and easy to remember. Notice that when you say it you relax, feel more comfortable or simply smile. Use this statement for 30 days and see what happens. Let me know. I would love to hear your experience of shifting your vibration.

Please affirm with me: Today, I call in the highest vibrations that life has to offer.


  1. The writer says “Recently, there was a challenge in my life that pulled most of my attention..” Therefore, the method she recommends is to call in the highest vibrations that life has to offer. I don’t doubt it may work once, twice…but what are you supposed to do when every other week and year after year you are faced with unexpected challenges? What kind of higher energy you should invoke to resist the overwhelmingly destructive forces that you either fend off or they annihilate your positive being???

    Constanta Antonov | January 28th, 2011 | Comment Permalink
  2. You never stop! She says that you “simply call in love and light.” Tell yourself good things. Go to God! He is love and light. He will guide you.

    Elaine | January 28th, 2011 | Comment Permalink
  3. Constanta, this method does work. The more you place attention on higher vibration, the more that kind of living becomes a habit. Nothing and no one can annihilate your positive energy if you keep you attention and personal work focused on positive and life affirming skills. Blessings

    Cynthia James | February 5th, 2011 | Comment Permalink

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